InsightOps IoT

InsightOps IoT (Internet of Things) Analytics will revolutionize service delivery in the hospitality industry. With the InsightOps IoT Analytics tools, you can also use the data collected by these IoT devices and sensors to drive down costs and improve maintenance.

It enables to identify the use cases that creates efficiencies and decreases operational costs and provides a better customer xperience.

Hotel Operations Analytics and Improvements

Optimize the overall operation of the  hotel
Provide better and more personalized guest experience
Overall view of hotel and departmental performance in a single dashboard
Optimize the bottom line and top line


Identifying energy efficiency and  savings on power, gas and water
Identifying the status of critical equipment such as Chiller, AHU, FCU, Laundry...
Keeping track of preventive maintenance for systems
Fire Safety through prevention,  detection, and response


Efficient allocation of staff with little  idle time
Effective use of staff time without unnecessary overheads
Fast guest service with minimum  disturbance

Social Marketing

Targeted promotions and offers that are relevant to the guest context
Personalized guest experience and driving engagement
Effectiveness measurement of  campaigns

Automation and Waste Reduction

Waste reduction during food  production and storage
Inventory Management in kitchens
Quality Control of experience  delivery

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