InsightOps AI

InsightOps AI is a smart self-learning system that is applied to help the restaurants to give food lovers a better experience and meal.

It will affect every dining experience by analyzing all the data related to your restaurant business and transform it into actionable insights. It will help you to get to the heart of the issue and understand the whole truth about your business.

InsightOps AI provides an end to end diagnostic, prescriptive, predictive analytics solution to get the restaurant business insights in areas like the menu, finance, supply chain, Customer Xperience, Feedback, and many more.

Smart Menu Analytics

With Smart Menu Analytics , InsightOps AI brings you everything you need to know to make smarter menu decisions in a whole new way.

 Do you know which items bring back guests?  InsightOps AI breaks down your menu into four buckets: “One-Hit Wonders, “Greatest Hits,” underperformers, and “Hidden Gems."

Social Analytics

InsightOps AI aggregates online reviews and automatically detects the sentiment behind them and extracts the relevant topics people talk about. You can then filter out not only the dishes the customer talk about but what they think about them and how it compared with similar dishes.

 InsightOps AI constantly analyzes consumer data and extracts the customer sentiment automatically and divides it into topics per restaurant location. 

Customer Xperience 

Everyone is taking photos of their dish and writing reviews on their experience, InsightOps AI aggregates these reviews and mentions and understand the sentiment behind them and applies this information to know how your menu compares with your competitors.

Find out how your service is perceived? , Find out which key points where your customers are most satisfied / dissatisfied?, Identify issues on different locations before they go viral.

Financial Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of where you can adjust your profit margins to increase revenue while maintaining an incremental level of success. By using our InsightOps AI financial dashboard, you can even get notified if a business anomaly occurs.

Data served up by InsightOps financial analytics for restaurants will offer you a comprehensive insight into the success of your deals, offers, and comps. 

Inventory Analytics and Intelligence

InsightOps AI makes inventory forecasting easy by using historical consumption, sales forecasts, vendor delivery schedules, thaw and prep times, and ingredient level inventory tracking.

 It automatically determines inventory needs, suggests adjustments, and integrates with vendors to fulfill orders. Maintaining optimal inventory levels ensures proper turn and ensures maximized profitability.

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